Bi-Fold Doors

We know that people want to bring more natural light into their lives and Bi-fold doors do exactly that. Bespoke Bi-fold doors, created by the joinery team at Kingsdown, are made using the finest hardwood which can then be painted or stained or you can opt for beautiful oak to enjoy the natural grain patterns. The doors, made to your configuration, have folding panels or leaves which slide open and concertina against a wall. They use a clever, high quality, guaranteed ball hanger system which is top hung for a silky smooth operation. This carries the doors across the opening with the lower channel sitting in the door cill to leave a clear floor for easy access.

Letting light flow into your world is easy as these beautiful doors act as an effective secure barrier to rain, wind and noise but then open effortlessly to reveal a wide open space.

So, whether you are renovating an older home, creating a new extension or simply wanting a panoramic view, custom made wooden Bi-Fold doors by Kingsdown will enhance any space.

If you'd like to find out more, you can call us on 07512 757199 or email