Furniture from Kingsdown isn’t just coffee tables and bookshelves although we LOVE creating those too. Clever furniture helps to create useable space and we love finding innovative ways to bring beauty and versatility to your home or commercial property. Perhaps it’s the full length cupboards that snugly fit into any space, the wardrobe that turns into a work station or the panel in the wall that miraculously folds out into a guest bedroom but stores nicely away to provide a play area. Or perhaps it’s the reception desk which hides the hi tech AV equipment used in presentations?

At Kingsdown we understand how important it is that your space works for you which is why we can create multi-functional furniture as well as taking items you love and turning them into pieces of art. Your mothers trundle sewing machine becomes your child’s desk or that piece of driftwood is a coffee table that accentuates your home.

At Kingsdown we manufacture everything from the highest quality sustainably produced timber and use different types of finish to ensure our client's requirements are fully satisfied.

We make it beautiful and we make it right.

For more examples of our furniture, check out the following pages: Built-in Furniture - Beautiful Things

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