Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what you want and even more challenging trying to explain it! This is why your design team at Kingsdown will walk through the entire process with you making suggestions on ways to maximise space and light and offering innovative ways to bring your dreams into reality.

The process is super simple and we are excited at every new project! One of the design team, (usually Harry as he knows so much!) will come and visit to discuss your needs. He will drink coffee, wax lyrical about all things wood and then will gently talk through options of how to manufacture your bespoke creation. He will then go away and create either sketches or use CAD, computer-aided software, to design, create and modify your concept. Only when you are truly happy with the design will Harry start the process of creation at the workshops near Marlborough.

At Kingsdown we enjoy great relationships with our partners in architecture, carpentry and ironmongery as we work together solving mysteries like how to recreate antique handles to match existing ones or which planning portal needs to be navigated in order to create your dream! Working closely with large companies like Beards, renowned for their creative and collaborative approach, and DBR who are the leaders in conservation services at historic homes and palaces, continues to be our great pleasure. Working with artisan builders and independent contractors allows us a truly collaborative approach.

Kingsdown was built from small acorns and as our oak tree grows we enjoy sharing our victories with our suppliers as well as our clients.

At Kingsdown we make your aspirations attainable.

If you'd like to find out more, you can call us on 07512 757199 or email