Garden Rooms

Picture a place designed just for you where natural light cascades in, where the outside seems to tumble indoors and where you can enjoy all weathers with your floor to ceiling bi-fold doors either folded open to give you light and air or securely fastened to give you privacy and sanctuary.

That’s what a Garden Room from Kingsdown gives you. It offers you a bespoke answer to your individual needs whether it’s a 3mtr square on the back of a flat in Bath or a beautiful timber office / cave at the bottom of your garden. We make skylights to enhance existing structures, sheds to fit every corner or quirky triangular space and can add value and space to your listed building.

Your garden room from Kingsdown doesn’t have to follow previous plans and you don’t need to compromise on style or size as we create your dream not someone elses.

You can have a workbench or a sewing space; workout space or yoga tranquillity and you can have a woodburner, some cushions and your full LP collection if that’s what you want!

Talk to us at Kingsdown about what you want from your garden room and together we will make that dream a reality.

If you'd like to find out more, you can call us on 07512 757199 or email